You can read more about me on my other site: readingfeynman.org. I basically started a blog while I was working my way through Feynman’s historical Lectures series. The blog attracted a lot of followers, but so now I am finished with these Lectures and moving on.

I published two articles on a possible physical interpretation of the wavefunction on the (in)famous e-print archive of the Los Alamas Labs, and the questions I am getting made me realize I should, perhaps, try to summarize the key ideas in a format that is lighter to read. So that’s why I started this new blog. The intended audience is actually my own son, Vincent, who is currently trying to get through his first year of engineering studies. So… Well… Yes. While I want this blog to be much lighter to read, it will have some math too. 🙂

As for why I chose this particular site name (reading Einstein), the basic intuitions I’ll be exploring in this site do reflect some of Einstein’s more general thoughts on reality and Nature. One of these thoughts is the following:

“Physical objects are not in space, but these objects are spatially extended. In this way, the concept “empty space” loses its meaning.”

Jean Louis Van Belle, 4 July 2018