I am just an amateur physicist. I obtained a research degree (econometrics and modeling) after completing studies in economics and philosophy at the University of Antwerp, but left academics to pursue a diplomatic career. I now work as a management consultant in the development business, focusing on program design, finance and information systems—with a focus on countries in transition such as Afghanistan and Nepal. You can look at my professional profile here.

My goals and ambitions in life are very much inspired by the idea of the Renaissance Man: I want to do a bit of everything, and I am very much driven by a desire to truly understand stuff.

I have a popular blog on physics—but that focuses on quantum electrodynamics only (QED). I used that blog to freewheel about an alternative interpretation of quantum mechanics, which resulted in a series of papers which I published on the site of the equally independent physicist and mathematician Philip Gibbs.

Because I wanted to find a sensible interpretation of quantum theory—I think the Copenhagen interpretation is no theory: it is just a procedure—I got attracted to very classical electron models (Kerr-Newman geometries, black-hole electrons, and torus topologies). Why? Because these models give us a geometric understanding of what an electron might actually be. Hence, I therefore find the research of the likes of Burinskii (Russian Academy of Sciences), Celani, Vassallo and Di Tommaso (University of Palermo), Frabboni, Gazzadi, and Pozzi (Universities of Bologna and Modena) most interesting.

So what’s this new blog about? I’ll use it to document my forays into the field of quantum chromodynamics (QCD). I am not sure if I am going to get very far, but let’s see. 🙂

Jean Louis Van Belle, Drs, MAEc, BAEc, BPhil

Brussels, 12 June 2019