The Emperor has no clothes…

Hi guys (and ladies) – I should copy the paper into this post but… Well… That’s rather tedious. :-/ The topic is one that is of interest of you. You’re looking for a classical explanation of the anomalous magnetic moment, right? Well… We don’t have one – but we’re pretty sure this paper has all the right ingredients for one. We also designed a test for it. Also check out my other paper on the fine-structure constant. It explains everything.

Everything? Well… Almost everything. 🙂 The Revolution has started. The (quantum-mechanical) Emperor seems to have no clothes. 🙂

I am damn serious. This is what I wrote on my FB page today:

The only thing I can be proud of this year is a series of papers on quantum math. I will probably turn them into a popular book on physics. Its working title is “The Emperor Has No Clothes !” Indeed – if anything – these papers show that a lot of the highbrow stuff is just unnecessary complexity or deliberate hyping up of models that can be simplified significantly.

Worse, through my interactions with some physicists, I found some serious research into the nature of matter and energy is being neglected or ignored just because it challenges the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum physics. Most papers of Alexander Burinskii, for example, a brilliant physicist who developed a very plausible model of an electron, have been re-classified from ‘quantum physics’ to ‘general physics’ – which means no one will read them. Worse, he has had trouble just getting stuff published over the last four years! It’s plain censorship! 

I now summarize the Copenhagen interpretation as: “Calculate, don’t think !”  It’s a Diktatur, really! And I now also understand why the founding fathers of quantum mechanics (Dirac, Heisenberg, Pauli, Schroedinger,…) thought the theory they helped to create didn’t quite make the cut. It’s going to be a sad story to tell. In fact, I think Burinskii is in trouble because his model may show that a lot of the research on the anomalous magnetic moment is plain humbug – but so that got some people a Nobel Prize in 1955 and it’s popularly referred to as the ‘high-precision test’ of QED, so… Well… I looked at it too, and for quite a long time, and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s plain nonsense – but so that cannot be said.

Hmm… If the state of physics is so poor, then we should not be surprised that we are constantly being misled in other fields as well. Let us remember Boltzmann:

“Bring forth what is true. Write it so it it’s clear. Defend it to your last breath.”

Oh – and I have a sort of classical explanation for what happens in the one-photon Mach-Zehnder experiment too. Check it out here. Quantum mechanics is not a mystery. Mr. Bell has got it all wrong. 🙂

Kind regards – JL